Why Does This Exist?

Eric Self Portrait.jpg

My name is Eric Lombart and YOU have stumbled upon the American Cinematographer of no-budget filmmaking. I spent so many years learning this stuff and you get to read it all in minutes. Congratulations, you lucky bastard.

Me? I have made hundreds of videos for the online world in just about every capacity, including director, cinematographer, editor, actor, and colorist. As you probably know, web content isn’t exactly synonymous with tons of cash. As a result, I have accidentally mastered the art of shooting quality videos with very little equipment or crew. If I were making movies with hundreds of millions of dollars, I suppose I’d be in American Cinematographer myself, but I’m usually working with hundreds of…dollars. Total. Creativity is key.

Though a good image can seem magical, it is really just a careful combination of a bunch of different elements. In addition to a good eye and years of experience…great locations, thoughtful lighting, decent lenses, and a bit of color correction all help to elevate the quality of your cinematography. (Good sound is also crucial to making your images look more professional. Sounds weird, but trust me.)

Cruise through the blog posts and revel in the pure genius it takes to shoot quality content when all you have is one light kit…or less.

By the way, the videos on this site are only the ones I have shot using one light kit or less. Check out my website (www.ericlombart.com) to see more of my work if you’re interested!

Do you get down with no-budget filmmaking, too? Share your brilliance. Send materials about your experience my way and I’ll post them in the Guest Contributions section! [Video links, descriptions, lighting schemes, explanations, pictures, short bio, etc.]